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Our services

  • Design
  • Project planning, installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and service
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Complete systemsolutions for energy-efficient heat-cold coupling

In addition to reliability and cost-effectiveness, we put great value to compliance with sustainable environmental standards. As one of the few companies in Germany, in addition to the traditional refrigerants we focus on cost-effective and long-lasting products of natural refrigerants such as carbon dioxide and ammonia.

For years, we have been working closely with well-known companies in the food industry, ensuring that the products reach the end user in the best quality.

We maintain and monitor your refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems must work reliably and precisely, we ensure that everything runs smoothly after installing your system.

We will gladly generate an individual maintenance concept for you and also offer you a maintenance contract for the implementation and monitoring of automatic system control. Should you have an agreement about remote access with us, we are able to monitor and control your refrigeration system. In the event of disruptions outside operating hours, we automatically inform market management and security services. If necessary, we can access internal processes.

Thus, you can be sure your system works continuously and reliably at maximum efficiency and safety and is optimally used.

24 hour emergency service for refrigeration systems

If your refrigeration and air conditioning system  fails, you should react quickly:  By calling our phone number you will receive the mobile phone number of the service technician on duty, who will address your issues immediately after receiving your call. Around  the clock and 365 days a year, even on Sundays and public holidays or in the middle of the night. Because in the event of a failure, every minute is essential to protect your perishable products and to limit the financial damage to your business.

Our qualified service team is equipped with everything necessary for a quick repair of your refrigeration systems and has many years of expertise in this area. Should you have remote access to your system, we can help you even quicker and more cost efficient.